Using the latest CAD software, I was able to create stunning interiors that perfectly capture the brand's identity and create a memorable experience for their customers.
In one project, I designed a sleek and modern dessert shop with a monochromatic color scheme, geometric shapes, and clean lines. The space exuded sophistication and luxury, with high-end finishes and custom-designed fixtures that enhanced the brand's identity.
Whether creating a new space from scratch or transforming an existing one, I pride myself on working closely with the client to understand their needs and bring their vision to life. Using 3D renderings and detailed plans, I ensure that every aspect of the design meets their expectations and enhances their brand identity.

Bury External Elevations

Bury Electrical Plan

Bury Proposed Plan

Bury Elevations

Bury Exterior Visual

Bury Ground Floor Visual

Bury 1st & 2nd Floor Visual 

Bury Ground Visual

Bury Seating Visual

Bur Upstair's Seating Plan

Bury Upstairs Seating Plan

Woking Planning 

Woking Interior Visual

Woking Interior Visual

Woking Interior Visual


Daventry CAD Layout

Daventry - Before & After

Daventry Entrance View


Blackburn Master Plan

Blackburn Exterior Visual

Blackburn Interior Visual 

Blackburn Interior Visual

Blackburn Interior Visual

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