As the project manager of the Betsy's Burgers store design, I was excited to embark on this project. I worked closely with the franchise owners to ensure that every aspect of the interior design aligned with the brand image and vision.
To kick off the project, I conducted thorough consultations with the client to understand the requirements and preferences. We delved into the modern American-themed concept, discussing the desired ambiance, target audience, and functional needs of the space.
Next, I employed CAD software to create detailed floor plans that optimised the layout of the store. This included strategic placement of seating areas, electrical layout, plumbing for the kitchen, counter space, and kitchen equipment including the placement, ensuring efficient flow and functionality. We also utilized 3D renderings and visualizations to provide a realistic representation of the final design, allowing the client to visualize the space before construction.
When it came to the design elements, we focused on creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. We selected modern furniture and fixtures that complemented the American-themed concept, using a color palette of warm tones and incorporating elements of wood and metal to add a touch of rustic elegance. We also paid careful attention to lighting, incorporating a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.
Throughout the process, I worked closely with the client, providing regular updates and seeking the input and feedback to ensure that the design met their expectations. I also collaborated closely with contractors and suppliers to ensure that the design was implemented seamlessly within the given budget and timeline.
In conclusion, designing the store build for Betsy's Burgers was a fulfilling experience. I took pride in creating an interior design that not only reflected the theme but also provided a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for their customers. I'm thrilled to see the final result come to life and look forward to seeing the success of Betsy's Burgers franchise.

Betsy's Burgers Store Layout

Betsy's Burgers Store Layout 2


Betsy's Burgers Stoke - Front Shop View

Betsy's Burgers Stoke - Interior

Betsy's Burgers Stoke - Interior 


Lichfield Electrical Plan

Interior Details 1

Interior Details 2

Lichfield Kitchen Details

Lichfield Master Plan

Lichfield Visual

Lichfield Seating Visual

Lichfield Interior Ordering Visual

Lichfield Food Collection Visual

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